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Court Reporting, Repository, Case Management, Videography

Malibu Court Reporters has built an outstanding reputation for accuracy, reliability, and professionalism. Our staff and affiliates are real-world experienced, certified reporters who excel in the field of transcription and case management services. Employing the latest in technology we are fully capable of delivering timely and accurate court reporting services. From complex litigation to simple depositions, Malibu Court Reporters consistently delivers quality and consistency to the legal profession.


• Conference Facilities
• Worldwide Networking
• Realtime Reporting
• Rough ASCIIs
• RealLegal E-Transcripts
• Condensed Transcripts
• Key Word Indexing
• Livenote, Summation
• Text Synchronization/Time Stamping
• Video Teleconferencing
• Document/Transcript Repository, Imaging
• Large-Case Management
• 10 Working-Day Delivery
• Daily and Expedited Copy
• Calendar Coordination
• Certified Video Technicians
• Language and Document Translation
• Transcription Services
• Interpreters
• Stenographers